What Eats A Fox? What Do Foxes Eat?

We usually think of a fox as being an animal that eats other animals — not one that gets eaten by other animals. But foxes, like most animals, have predators, also called natural enemies.

In North America, coyotes often kill foxes. So do cougars. A Canada lynx will often chase down a fox in the deep

A Red Fox In The Snow
What Eats A Fox? Photo:USFWS

snow, because foxes sink in snow while lynxes can skim over the top of it with their wide snowshoe feet. And eagles will kill a fox if they catch one running across an open meadow.

On other continents where different types of foxes are found, those foxes need to be on the lookout for eagles and any big cat or wolf-like wild dog that is larger than they are.

As for the question, what do foxes eat?—They eat a variety of small animals, especially rodents. They will also eat insects, eggs and some types of vegetation, such as berries.

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