What Eats A Salamander

What eats a salamander or a newt? What do salamanders and newts eat?

Salamanders and newts are amphibians that have lots of natural enemies, or predators. Fish, reptiles, and other, larger amphibians, along with many feathered predators, all like to eat them.

Small mammals such as shrews and opossums also eat salamanders when they

A Young Salamander
What Eats A Salamander? Photo Steve Jurvetson

find them in the damp woods.

Some salamanders are even eaten by people. The Chinese giant salamander is the world’s largest amphibian—and some Chinese people think it is good to eat. In fact, so many Chinese giant salamanders have been eaten by people that this animal is now very rare, and critically endangered.

In order to keep their numbers strong, most kinds, or species, of newts and salamanders lay lots of eggs and have lots of babies.

As for the question of what salamanders and newts eat: They eat small worms and other insects and insect larvae.

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