What Eats Frogs?

What Eats Frogs? What Do Frogs Eat?

Poor frogs—so many animals like to eat them!

Different species, or kinds, of frogs live all over the world, and all over the world there are different types of predators or natural enemies that depend on frogs as a food source.

Feathered predators such as herons and egrets snap up frogs in their long beaks. Serpents ambush frogs and swallow them whole. Mammals such as otters love to

A Frog In The Water
What Eats Frogs?

go fishing for a frog dinner. Even frogs often eat smaller frogs.

Frogs aren’t even safe from people! In fact, frog legs are a delicacy in some countries.

And, what do frogs eat? Most frogs eat a variety of small insects. But some species of frogs grown large enough to eat other frogs—and even to eat animals as large as mice!

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