What Eats Grasshoppers?

What Eats Grasshoppers? What Do Grasshoppers Eat?

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What eats crickets and grasshoppers?

What does a grasshopper eat?

So many creatures like to eat grasshoppers and crickets that these jumping insects have to lay lots of eggs and have lots of babies in order to keep their numbers strong.

Grasshopper In The Grass
What Eats A Grasshopper? Photo:Hedwig Storch

The many predators, or natural enemies, of grasshoppers and crickets include spiders, hundreds of kinds, or species, of birds, snakes and even rodents such as mice and rats.


It is a good thing that so many creatures like to eat grasshoppers. If they didn’t, grasshoppers would become so numerous they would eat much of the world’s edible plant life, and people and other animals would starve.

What do grasshoppers eat? A grasshopper eats a variety of leafy plant material.

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