What Eats Piranhas?

What Eats Piranhas? What Do Piranhas Eat?

People think of the piranha fish as being a fearsome predator.

We know that schools of these small, razor-toothed South American fish can sometimes devour large animals.

However, piranhas also have many natural enemies, or predators, of their own to worry about.

Caimans like to eat piranhas, and so do other, larger Amazon fish. The pink dolphin, or boto, of the Amazon is another enthusiastic eater of piranhas.

What Eats A Piranha. A Piranha Waiting For Its Supper
What Eats A Piranha? Photo:Wilfred Witkowski

Predatory, fish-eating birds such as egrets and storks are also fond of eating piranhas.

And, what does a piranha eat? Piranhas mostly eat other fish, and occasionally, other types of animals.

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