What Eats Porcupines?

What Eats Porcupines? What Do Porcupines Eat?

Porcupines are covered with quills that painfully stick into almost any predator that tries to attack them. For this reason, porcupines do not have to fear being eaten by very many animals.

Three animals, however, has figured out how to eat porcupines. Bobcats, cougars and fishers have learned that a porcupine has no quills on its stomach. So one of these predators will sometimes kill and eat a porcupine by flipping it onto its back and biting into its vulnerable belly. What Eats A Porcupine

But few animals know this porcupine-eating trick.

And, what do porcupines eat? A porcupine eats tender bark and twigs, along with other types of vegetation.

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