What Eats Sheep?

What Eats Sheep? What Do Sheep Eat?

Most sheep are domesticated, and live on farms all around the world. However, wild species of sheep, such as What Eats Sheep the North American bighorn sheep, still roam some of the earth’s remote places. Whether wild or domesticated, sheep are often preyed upon by whatever large carnivores happen to live in their area.

The most common sheep killers are wolves and other doglike animals. Wolves have been known to attack domestic sheep in Europe, North America, Asia, and North Africa. In Australia, the wild dog known as the dingo has often been blamed for killing and eating sheep, and in North America, coyotes frequently are the culprit.

bears—black or brown—will also eat sheep, as will cougars, jaguars, leopards, and most of the other large members of the cat family. What Eats Sheep What Do Sheep Eat

As for what sheep eat—they are grazers. Check here to find out what that means.

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